Linder Design uppdateras inte längre och finns enbart online av nostalgiska skäl. //



Welcome to Linder Design! This is my personal website and here you will find some of my work as a web designer, photographer and film maker. If you understand Swedish you will also be able to read in my blog section. I think about turning the hole site into English, but I haven't decided yet.

If you have a cell phone with internet access, visit my WAP page.

About me

Marcus Linder is my name and I live in Sweden. Stockholm is my hometown, and I'm studying film for the moment.


Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hey.


Google Talk:

Skype: the_ml

Linder Pictures

My "film studio company".

My flickr-photo collection.

Photo Blog

My Blog with photos from my cell phone.


Themes I made for Sony Ericsson cell phones.

Linder WAP

My WAP page for cell phones.


A short film I and some friends made years ago.

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